Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Safari and Sun City

The safari and Sun City trip was one of the highlights of our sightseeing adventures. The trip to Sun City was about 2 hours long and at first they would not let us in but eventually Professor Hamakawa used his delegation skills to get us in. Once we got into "African Vegas" we were all in awe. The place was incredible. The hotel at Sun City was amazing. The views from the top of the hotel were to die for. The sun in the top of the sky with no clouds above huge mountaintops truely picturesque.

Instead of doing the safari first our grop had 4 hours to explore the casino and various shops and restaurants. And that we did. Sun City had mini golf, Fifa sponsored shops, great pizza, an arcade, a waterpark, and the allure of the casino to offer. Many of our group members made profit. Dave Fitz and Tim Conrod topped off the winnings with 100 dollars each. Unfortunately Kevin Shaker was the only one to lose money. The casino and various other attractions were awesome and I think everyone enjoyed them.

The safari at 3pm was so cool. We all had no idea what to expect, I mean we weren't sure if we would even see any animals. One minute later we saw a gigantic elephant 30 yards or so in the disttance which was amazing. We also saw rhinos, hippos, springboks, and were lucky enought to see a leopard as well as some zebras. Although we did not see a lion to see 10 or so other species up close was awesome.

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